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Colonies of Puffins on the Mykines island, Faroe Islands
Mykines Island
22 photos

Landscape of Vagar, Faroe Islands
Vagar Island
19 photos
 Turf-roofed church in Saksun, Faroe Islands
Saksun village
17 photos

 Wooden interior of Roykostovan farmhouse museum in Kirkjubour settlement, Faroe Islands
Kirkjubour museum
13 photos
 Surf in the bay of Tjornuvik village - two famous sea stacks 'Risin og Kellingin' in the background, Faroe Islands
Tjornuvik village
10 photos
 Morning fish market in Torshavn, Faroe Islands
17 photos

 Wooden fishermen houses in Gjógv, Faroe Islands
Gjogv village
16 photos
 Landscape of the Island of Bordoy, Faroe Islands
Bordoy Island
21 photos
 Typical turf-roofed house in the village of Trollanes, Faroe Islands
Kalsoy Island
14 photos

 Landscape of Kunoy island, Faroe Islands
Kunoy Island
17 photos

 Sunrise over Fugloy island, Faroe Islands
Vidoy Island
14 photos
 Stone barn on steep cliffs of Streymoy island, Faroe Islands
12 photos

All images are copyrighted by Frantisek Staud
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